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Bioart and Citizen Science events in New York at NYU and EXITart

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Natalie Jeremijenko
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Hi, there are a few interesting things happening in NY in the realms of open source biology/citizen science and biological art.

I would love to see these but am in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the sunny UK. If anyone get the chance to go, can they write some notes on it?

At exit art: is Corpus Extremus (LIFE+)

February 28 – April 18, 2009

Corpus Extremus (LIFE+), the second exhibition of Exit Art’s Curatorial Incubator Program, will present work by artists who are using bio- and media- technologies to investigate questions of life and death. Representative of a relatively new international trend, these artists are uniting science and art to challenge conventional understanding of both fields.

Prior to the eighteenth century, art and science were not separated as distinct disciplines, and were often joined.Thus a hybrid bio-art discipline is nothing radically new. Yet, the work in Corpus Extremus (LIFE+) represents a revolution in interdisciplinary research and practices and offers a critical evaluation of science and technology through art. This direct involvement of artists in scientific research and lab practices aims to demystify science through a cross-disciplinary approach; to provoke discussion about art and science as creative stimuli to each other; and to pose ethical questions to society.

The artworks in this exhibition deal with the transformation of our notions of life and death due to the implementation of biotechnological advances in everyday life. Recent innovations in science and technology are causing us to confront and challenge our conventional understanding of the body. Trying to reveal “the secret of life,” and to retain health, we are finding new ways to create living transplants and sustain life outside of the body. This possibility gives ground for the design of new organisms – hybrids, cyborgs and extended human bodies – that might be a new stage in an evolution with a questionable future.

New York University Thursday, March 5, 2009 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Radars & Fences II features five researchers and artists who have been at the forefront of the battle for the democratization of the life
sciences over the last decade: Beatriz da Costa, Natalie Jeremijenko, Richard Pell, Claire Pentecost, and Paul Vanouse will present their
own work and discuss with the public models of interdisciplinary engagement at the beginning of the “biological century.”

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Written by Brian

March 4, 2009 at 5:13 pm